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Introducing V7.0

MedAdvisor App

Evolving to meet the changing needs of Australian patients

MA V7 Graphic functionalities

What's new in V7.0?

Commencing February 2024, MedAdvisor Solutions is committing substantial resources towards enhancements in the patient facing MedAdvisor App (and apps powered by MedAdvisor). The MedAdvisor Version 7 project aims to deliver functionality enhancements which will tackle several key challenges and barriers identified through market feedback. These enhancements will lead to substantial patient user interface enhancements along with an improved value proposition to our partners across community pharmacy in Australia. ​

Version 7.0 of the App is on schedule to be released to market in late March 2024.​



Patients will be able to access the MedAdvisor App (and apps powered by MedAdvisor) through social logins integration with Apple, Google and Microsoft accounts.

This change to the sign-up process will help facilitate more short-term and transactional patients for your pharmacy by shifting medication management from mandatory to optional. 

Click on Seamless e-Script Ordering to see how this update will flow on to improved e-Script ordering within the MedAdvisor App.

Sign-up and login enhancements are on track for delivery by late March 2024.



The streamlined sign-up and login process will ensure that patients no longer need to go through a lengthy verification process prior to ordering their first Script in the App. 

By improving the ease of patient onboarding, we will be able to more effectively grow the cohort of Australian patients on the App. The flow on effect of this will enable MedAdvisor to drive foot traffic directly into your pharmacy. This will be made possible by the removal of mandatory patient medication sync within the App. 

Expect to see this enhancement within the MedAdvisor App in late March 2024. 


MedAdvisor Solutions is in the process of partnering with multiple leading Telehealth providers in Australia. This will enable direct integration with Telehealth platforms within the MedAdvisor App (and apps powered by MedAdvisor).

Telehealth integrations will be progressively rolled out across our App over the coming months. 

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Biometric login support will be added to the MedAdvisor App (and apps powered by MedAdvisor). This will enable patients to log in to the MedAdvisor App using biometric login or a PIN. This user experience enhancement will deliver both streamlined entry into the app and enhanced security. 

Biometric functionality is on track to be rolled out in late March 2024.

Order progress visibility in the MedAdvisor App (and apps powered by MedAdvisor) will be updated to provide patients with better tracking visibility of their order status.

This will enable patients to know exactly when their medication is ready to be picked up from your pharmacy - enhancing your pharmacies workflows.​

Enhancements to order progress visibility are on track for launch in late March 2024.



We're enhancing the MedAdvisor App's pharmacy search feature to make it easier for patients to find and connect with their preferred pharmacy. This update addresses a key user pain point in previous versions of our App and marks the first phase of the MedAdvisor App v7.0 rollout. This upgrade promises a smoother, more efficient user experience.

Improvements to pharmacy search within the MedAdvisor App are on track to be delivered in mid-February 2024.   

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