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Empowering Your Pharmacy to Elevate Patient Care & Pharmacy Growth

Retain patients. Drive adherence. Increase revenue.

Trusted by over 95% of Australian pharmacies

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Enhancing Customer Experience at Your Pharmacy

Better for pharmacies, better for your customers.  Learn why MedAdvisor is a "win, win" solution.



Just like another helping hand in your pharmacy, PlusOne helps you give your customers a better experience.  This suite of tools is designed to aid medication management, increase adherence, build customer relationships and more.

Health Services Hub

Unlock more revenue with Health Services Hub, a revolutionary marketplace that gives you access to programs from the 7CPA and third-party programs. Available as part of your PlusOne subscription.

Why more than 95% of pharmacies across Australia trust MedAdvisor?

97% customer loyalty

Your customers that use the MedAdvisor App are 97% loyal to their pharmacy.  Ensure your customers are loyal to you.

20% improved adherence

The MedAdvisor App makes it easier for customers to manage their medication and take it as recommended.

$48/year more per person

Better customer loyalty and adherence leads to a revenue increase of $48 per customer, per year.

Better workflows

Process scripts when it suits you.  Reduce customer wait times and improve dispense efficiency.

Pays for itself

When you add 200 customers to the app the solutions will pay for itself. Communicate with customers and sell additional services, such as flu shots and checks.

Improve stock management

Accept orders online to improve stock management, simplify delivery and increase the number of scripts on file.

Simplify inventory management

Whether you manage it yourselves or use our trusted delivery partner.  PlusOne takes the headaches out of customer delivery.

Stay competitive

MedAdvisor pharmacies are already enabled to accept digital prescriptions.  Putting them well ahead of the competition.

Unparalleled customer support

We understand how busy you are and our support team is committed to your success.

Hear from the Medadvisor Pharmacy Network


Pharmacist, VIC

"We have noticed a significant growth with the number of customers and overall script dispensing volumes - resulting in higher financial revenues. Our dispensary workflow has improved too, so we can now focus on dispensing orders during quieter periods.”


Pharmacist, South East QLD

"MedAdvisor is wonderful for both our patients and pharmacy business. Our overall script retention numbers have increased, and our patients have been very happy with the service…as they feel less pressure in managing their medications.” 


Pharmacist, VIC

"MedAdvisor has been great; it has enabled us to retain patients where otherwise we may have lost them. It has provided us with a competitive difference.” 


Pharmacist in Watervale VIC

"Med Advisor empowers our patients to be more informed about what scripts they have on file, and increases medication compliance. It helps manage their prescriptions in a clear and simple program…and helps them take their medications more accurately and reduce medication-related errors.”


Pharmasave, Kilsyth, VIC

"MedAdvisor provides a means to maintain your current customer base and significantly expand with an effective interactive service..  It also helps to increase your overall script orders which increases pharmacy revenue.

The MedAdvisor App is a point of difference from our competitors."

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