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Our Collective Strength Fuels Our Success

At MedAdvisor Solutions, we value and celebrate individuality, as it fuels our collective strength. Strength to make a difference, and a real impact in healthcare. Understanding who we are is essential to our continued success.

We operate under these five core values:

Operate With Integrity
Do what’s right, even when no one is watching.

Innovate With Passion
Believe in the power of innovation to create positive change.

Seek To Solve
Tackle challenges head-on.

Commit To Continuous Improvement
Challenge ourselves to be better every day.

Leverage Collective Strengths
Work as a team to foster open and transparent communication.


Q2 FY24 Winners

Celebrating Employees Living Our Values

MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px (1) MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px (2)

Annmarie Potcner – Operations Process Manager; Ali Pannebaker – Sr. Manager, Client Services; Farrah Derderian - Account Manager, US (left to right) 

Commit to Continuous Improvement

Annmarie, Ali and Farrah have worked tirelessly to dissect the various components and tools used to bring in Home and inMotion programs from set-up to execution, and then rebuild them to be compatible with These three were collaborative and open-minded to discussions and feedback to achieve a new workflow that is user friendly and adequately meets the needs of each group. The depth of information provided in all facets of the Monday workflow and Program Summary (headings with built-in definitions, examples, “cheat sheets”, etc.) enables all users to self-navigate in an efficient way. It allows users to track where an in Home/inMotion program might be at any given time –and automated notifications help keep everyone on track.

MAS x P+C Values - QTR2 FY24 Gaurika Madan

Digital Marketing Manager, ANZ

Operate with Integrity

Gaurika took it upon herself to setup and completely manage our Avalon Homes for the Homeless holiday charity initiative in the Melbourne office. Gaurika shared her commitment to empowering those in her local community with Avalon Homes and then brought that goodwill into our workplace. An initiative like this enables MedAdvisor Solutions to give back and shows that we are committed to our local communities both within and outside the pharmacy landscape.

Joji Mori (1) Joji More

UX Manager, ANZ

Innovate with Passion

Joji's willingness to step into the role of Interim Head of Product since July 2023 exemplifies his exceptional commitment to our organization. Balancing the responsibilities of UX/UI Manager and Interim Head of Product for AU, Joji not only upheld all commitments but also demonstrated a remarkable adherence to our company values. Some of the remarkable outcomes under his leadership include successfully advancing the FSOP product through design, product requirements, stakeholder management, and on-track development, nearing a timely go-live despite challenging deadlines. Furthermore, Joji collaborated with team members and Kaley to revitalize the AU Product roadmap, steering the product development back on course. He played a key role in shaping the requirements for the Patient App v7 upgrade, securing exception budget approval. This enhancement is poised to significantly enhance our patient app adoption in the ANZ market. Joji's effective partnership with Kaley extended to planning and engaging AU MedAdvisor team members in insightful product deep dive sessions. These sessions, marked by inspiration and strategic insight, provided the organization with a profound understanding of our business vision, product strategy, and roadmap.Joji's dedication and achievements make him an outstanding nominee for recognition, embodying the values and excellence we strive for at MedAdvisor Solutions.

MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px (3) MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px (4) MAS - Staff Headshots - 250×250px (5)

David Shulmister – Director, Information Security; Baxter Byerly – Sr.
Director, Technical Operations; Scott McAfee – Director, IT Operations, US (left to right) 

Leverage Our Collective Strengths

David, Baxter, and Scott helped develop the Service Level Agreement template we plan to use for our paperless solution in pharmacies. They provided the necessary information and subject matter expertise to craft a document that adequately addresses concerns from pharmacy partners while setting realistic expectations for support and performance of our new service offering. We now have a document that will be leveraged with other pharmacy partners who go paperless, and do not have to worry about creating and/or negotiating service levels on a retailer-by-retailer basis. These three helped educate Retail and Legal on critical aspects of Service-Level Agreements and what is considered “industry standard”. Their hard work and collaboration allowed us to complete contracting with Costco!

Josh Dore Josh Dore

Training Manager, ANZ

Seek to Solve

Josh Dore embodies the 'Seek to Solve' value by proactively identifying the need for a centralised learning platform for pharmacies to engage with the workings of PlusOne. His initiative to partner with Docebo showcases his commitment to practical solutions, freeing his time for impactful teaching and development. He consistently incorporates feedback, demonstrating his dedication to evolving solutions that truly address the needs of our customers.  Josh's strategic initiative to introduce the Learning Management System (LMS) is poised to significantly benefit our pharmacy customers. This upcoming platform will offer a user-friendly space to learn and test knowledge conveniently, fostering increased engagement with our product, and empowering them to become proficient users.  Moreover, internally, Josh's collaborative approach across departments reflects his commitment to exploring how the LMS can enhance organisational efficiencies. He actively seeks opportunities to integrate the upcoming LMS with existing software systems, aiming to streamline operations and optimize workflow across various departments.

Competitive Salaries Comprehensive Benefit Package Work / Life Balance

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