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Innovative Pharmacy-Driven Patient Engagement Solutions

We’re enabling the future of pharmacy and simplifying the patient medication journey through hyper-individualized patient and pharmacist engagement. THRiVTM, our intelligent omni-channel platform, powers all our solutions. 

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our intelligent omni-channel platform,
powers all our solutions

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Trusted, Pharmacy- Driven Patient Engagement

Leveraging the most comprehensive pharmacy network globally, we provide data-driven, omni-channel patient engagement that supports the future of healthcare and brings a unique empathetic approach to improve the patient experience at critical points along their medication journey.


SMS/MMS Text/Push Notifications

  • Virtually support patients anywhere with digital communications sent on behalf of their community pharmacy
  • Engage patients through push and banner notifications directly through pharmacy’s app
  • Leverage two-way personalized communication through interactive avatar

Printed Pharmacy Communications

Directly engage with micro-targeted patients as they receive their prescriptions at the pharmacy point-of-care.
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Direct Mail

Drive patients back to the pharmacy through direct mail that includes expanded resources such as vaccine reminders, supportive education and medication resources delivered on behalf of their pharmacist.

Powering the future of Pharmacy


Digital Pharmacy Solution

Provides pharmacies with a tailored blueprint to transition patients to digital forms of engagement, including the ability to leverage digital medication guides.

Pharmacist Engagement

Enables brands to directly connect pharmacists and the pharmacy team with important medication education and information to better support the patient experience and medication journey.

Leading the Industry in Innovation

We stand at the forefront of the industry, leveraging our new innovation lab to swiftly test, iterate, and launch new products.

We prioritize our customers as integral collaborators in this dynamic innovation journey, ensuring their needs are at the heart of every product we create. Some areas of focus include safe and ethical conversational AI, telehealth and digital pharmacy.

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